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Run Fullscreen

The Run Fullscreen utility allows any game to be run in fullscreen, on your choice of monitor. Even if the game doesn't natively support it. It's very useful for running older DirectDraw based games where fullscreen refuses to work on newer systems, but will work for virtually any game or application. The only requirement is that the game can be run in windowed mode.

It's been tested using couple of emulators, namely Gens and snes9x. Games like Angry Birds and Tiny Troopers were also used for testing and found to work really well on a second monitor, while still allowing the use of the main monitor for work or web browsing etc. Because the games think they are running in windowed mode, they behave much better and allow for smoother multi-tasking.


Run Fullscreen is available for Windows 32-bit.

Note: The download links for Run Fullscreen have an interstitial ad. Simply wait 5 seconds until the skip button appears. Click skip and your download should then start automatically.

Quick start guide

The Run Fullscreen package contains an example window program. If you start this exe, you should see a simple window. If you start the RunFullscreen exe, you should see the same same window, but obviously in fullscreen. Hit Alt+F4 to quit.

The easiest way to get this to work with other games and applications is to simply edit the ini file and copy both the RunFullscreen.exe and RunFullscreen.ini files to the game folder. These files can be renamed to whatever you like, just make sure they both have the same name. eg. AngryBirds_FS.exe and AngryBirds_FS.ini

The Other Examples folder contains a few configuration files that can be used straight away with those games, or used for learning how easy it is to set up Run Fullscreen.

The INI file


exe = The game's executable file.

window title = The title you can see in the game's window.

partial title = The entry above is just part of the window's title. Use this if some of the title text changes dynamically.


delay = Some game windows initialise slower than others. If the fullscreen doesn't work correctly, try increasing the delay by a few milliseconds.

monitor = The monitor index you want the fullscreen on. Use -1 for the default monitor.

width = Fullscreen width.

height = Fullscreen height.

depth = Fullscreen color depth.

refresh = Fullscreen refresh rate.

fake = Don't switch to fullscreen or change resolution, just maximize the borderless window.


remove menu = Remove the game window's main menu.

keep on top = Forcefully keep the game window on top and active. Don't use this if multi-tasking.

[ini merge]

If the game has an ini file that you want to write some values to, create a new file containing only those values and set the filenames below.

src = The filename of the ini file you created with the default values.

dst = The game's ini file that the values should be written to.

See the Other Examples folder for examples of using the ini merge function.

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